Hawk Program

4 years

Our prekindergarten Hawk program teaches your kids to use scissors, stencils, lacing cards, and drawing tools. Small group instruction and independent play ensure your child has all the skills they need to start school.

Communicating With Others

We help your child develop verbal and non-verbal skills to engage the world around them.

  • Develop important language skills by becoming familiar with basic sight words.
  • Practice writing in a daily journal.
  • Associate sounds with letters through picture/word collages.

Building Brain Power

We support the development of judgement, perception, memory, reasoning, and critical thinking through age-appropriate cognitive activities.

  • Learn to reason and analyze by asking and answering questions.
  • Understand a sequence of events like first, next, and last.
  • Experiment with spatial relationships and concepts of time.

Making New Friends

We support the confidence and self-esteem that forms the leads to a lifetime of healthy relationships.

  • Practice social skills by cooperating and problem solving with peers.
  • Make choices when selecting learning center activities.
  • Recognize their own emotions through character-building exercises.

Growing Healthy Bodies

Physical well-being and motor development are key focus areas in our effort to bolster the development of your growing child.

  • Improve physical abilities by navigating obstacle courses and throwing balls.
  • Use scissors, stencils, lacing cards, and drawing tools.
  • Develop spatial awareness by moving to music.

Nurturing Individual Creativity

We inspire your child to express his or herself through visual, musical, and dramatic arts.

  • Demonstrate creativity by making up dance moves and listening to music.
  • Tell stories and use props to dramatize those stories.
  • Use drawing and writing in journals to express ideas.

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