Cardinal Program

3 – 4 years

Our preschooler Cardinal program enhances your child’s confidence through activities that help them become life-long problem solvers and learners. If you desire a more formalized scholastic program we are right next door to the Jordan School, which offers just that.

Communicating With Others

We help your child develop verbal and non-verbal skills to engage the world around them.

  • Develop communication skills by building sight-word vocabulary.
  • Practice recognizing and writing letters and words.
  • Participate in read-alouds with teachers and reading selected books.

Building Brain Power

We support the development of judgement, perception, memory, reasoning, and critical thinking through age-appropriate cognitive activities.

  • Gain high-level thinking by exploring physical properties of common items.
  • Estimate items, test predictions, and draw conclusions.
  • Identify numbers and dates and practice counting.

MakingNew Friends

We support the confidence and self-esteem that forms the leads to a lifetime of healthy relationships.

  • Develop relationships by assuming classroom helper roles.
  • Participate in daily classroom discussions and conversations.
  • Cooperate with other children and teachers as members of a group.

Growing Healthy Bodies

Physical well-being and motor development are key focus areas in our effort to bolster the development of your growing child.

  • Enhance their motor skills.
  • Enhance fine motor skills by working with lacing cards and stencils.
  • Coordinate movements in relation to song lyrics.

Nurturing Individual Creativity

We inspire your child to express his or herself through visual, musical, and dramatic arts.

  • Express creative ideas by telling stories and engaging puppets.
  • Participate in dramatic play, music and art activities.
  • Participate in activities that encourage the use of multiple thinking strategies.

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