We Are The Treehouse Academy

All children dream of having a treehouse in their backyard. The kids who come to The Treehouse Academy come to a place where they can climb the ladder of success as they work their way through our Treehouse program. Our academy is a place to learn, to develop, and to expand your child’s horizons—not just a place to play.

We are an academically challenging day care for children 3 months to 12 years in age. We offer social, emotional, physical, and intellectual learning for all ages. Treehouse Academy is not a school, and it’s not just a babysitting service either. We help augment your child’s learning in the classroom while you have to be away. The Treehouse Academy offers school-like programs as well as extracurricular activities to help guide children in all aspects of their life.\

We know how important it is for you to feel really good about the child care you choose for your family—to know your kids are in a safe, clean, stimulating environment; to be reassured they are getting the best nurturing and attention available. We know, because that’s what we want for our children.

The Treehouse Academy is a place where your child can explore, discover, and learn about the world around them. At The Treehouse Academy your child is surrounded by caregivers who turn every learning moment into a positive experience.