What To Expect

Aside from caregivers and staff who are passionate about helping you get your child ready for what lies ahead, there are a lot of other important qualities to have in an early childhood education center.

Online Resources

Go online to see our interactive calendar of events and see what your child is doing today. Get updates from staff members and news about upcoming opportunities to get involved.

Hours to Fit Your Needs

We are open weekdays, 6:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. We also offer extended hours and family events at various times throughout the year. Programs are offered on a full-time or part-time basis.

A facility designed with your child in mind

This is a place where your child can explore, experiment, and imagine as they learn about their world. Each area—from the playground to the bookshelf—is specifically designed for each age group, to inspire a sense of wonder and promote learning.

Safety and Security

We know that your child’s safety and well-being is your first concern. That’s why our facility features security cameras, a lockdown system, fire doors in every room, strict sign-in/sign-out for parents, guardians, or visitors. We also have 24-hour video monitoring, security lights, a no-climb playground fence, and one-way windows for parents to watch their children.

Affiliations That Make A Difference

At The Treehouse Academy we believe that your child’s health and happiness go hand-in-hand with preparing them for the future. That’s why we work hard at developing affiliations with local experts and businesses that can augment our daily offerings for your children:

The Jordan School

For those parents who seek a more formalized academic component to their child’s early development, we have a close working relationship with the Jordan School. Located just next door, students of the Jordan School and The Treehouse Academy have many benefits including reduced fees and supervised transportation from the school to the day care.

Crockett Eye Clinic

The Treehouse Academy has a close relationship with the Crockett Eye Clinic so that we can provide free eye screening to all of the children under our care. We know that taking care of our children’s eyes is incredibly important to their development, and making sure they can clearly see the world around them means they can explore that world more successfully.

Speech Therapy

Nothing can be more harmful to a child’s emotional and social development than speech impediments. That’s why The Treehouse Academy has a close relationship with local speech therapists to ensure that embarrassing stutters and impairments are discovered and addressed.