Our Philosophy

The Treehouse Academy at Renaissance Center wants to teach children how to learn and be better people at a young age.  We want to guide them into the future with love, caring about their needs and wants in life and helping them become the people they were meant to be.  Treehouse Academy wants you to know your kids are in a safe, loving environment while you have to be away.  We will love and care for your children as if they were our own. We are here to make happy todays and tomorrows for every child. At The Treehouse Academy we offer a ladder of success—a stair-stepped approach—to developmental learning, which is age specific and allows children to progress at their own pace.  We create smiles and look forward to years of smiles for all your children.

When my father received his doctorate training in child development he taught me that every child needs certain skills to develop, learn, and compete in school at a high level. Spatial organization, visual memory, hand-eye coordination, balance, and reasoning skills are a few that we will teach at The Treehouse Academy.

Some of these skills are developed naturally, but in many cases they must be learned. At The Treehouse Academy, we want your child to develop the skills that will propel them to success later in life.