Older Toddlers

Blue Bird Program

2 – 3 years
Your child is making new discoveries every day, and our Blue Bird program opens their eyes to a world of learning, sharing, and exploring. We engage their minds with a combination of music, art, and early education fundamentals.

Communicating With Others

We help your child develop verbal and non-verbal skills to engage the world around them.

  • Expand their language skills by imitating and repeating.
  • Begin phonics learning by using rhymes.
  • Build alphabet recognition through play with letters.

Building Brain Power

We support the development of judgement, perception, memory, reasoning, and critical thinking through age-appropriate cognitive activities.

  • Learn by sorting and matching according to shape, color, and size.
  • Their mind will grow by counting and working with patterns using math.
  • Develop problem-solving skills and practice making predictions.

Making New Friends

We support the confidence and self-esteem that forms the leads to a lifetime of healthy relationships.

  • Build a sense of community.
  • Play alongside others instead of alone.
  • Learn to share, communicate, and cooperate through supervised group activities.

Growing Healthy Bodies

Physical well-being and motor development are key focus areas in our effort to bolster the development of your growing child.

  • Ride tricycles and bikes, toss balls, and dance.
  • Develop fine motor and hand-eye coordination through creative activities.
  • Increase balance skills using exercises.

Nurturing Individual Creativity

We inspire your child to express his or herself through visual, musical, and dramatic arts.

  • Pretend and role-play with props and costumes.
  • Express creativity with age-appropriate art materials.
  • Explore cause and effect relationships.

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