Sparrow Program

1 – 2 years
As toddlers build friendships, self-esteem, and curiosity, our Sparrow program helps them learn through their experiences. Fun activities help toddlers develop and give them the comfort and confidence to speak their first words.

Communicating With Others

We help your child develop verbal and non-verbal skills to engage the world around them.

  • Learn to interact through imitation and response.
  • Identify and name familiar objects.
  • Engage in conversation using pictures, books, and puppets.

Building Brain Power

We support the development of judgement, perception, memory, reasoning, and critical thinking through age-appropriate cognitive activities.

  • Learn to respond to his or her own name.
  • Identify basic colors and shapes.
  • Explore musical instruments and artistic expression.

Making New Friends

We support the confidence and self-esteem that forms the leads to a lifetime of healthy relationships.

  • Interact with other children in games and activities in a group setting.
  • Develop sharing and listening skills through group music and story times.
  • Learn to understand and express emotions appropriately.

Growing Healthy Bodies

Physical well-being and motor development are key focus areas in our effort to bolster the development of your growing child.

  • Learn about body parts through song and rhymes.
  • Practice crawling, jumping, running, kicking, and tossing.
  • Enhance hand-eye coordination by writing, crawling, bouncing, and lacing.

Nurturing Individual Creativity

We inspire your child to express his or herself through visual, musical, and dramatic arts.

  • Pretend and role-play with age-appropriate props.
  • Participate in songs, poems, and stories.
  • Develop a sense of self through games and activities.

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