3 months – 1 year
We provide a safe and nurturing home away from home where babies can safely discover the world around them. Our Hatchling program is designed to help form the foundation for development.

Communicating With Others

We help your child develop verbal and non-verbal skills to engage the world around them.

  • Engage caregivers and imitate speech patterns and inflections.
  • Interact with picture books, photo cards, and puppets.
  • Listen to stories, songs, rhymes, and finger plays.

Building Brain Power

We support the development of judgement, perception, memory, reasoning, and critical thinking through age-appropriate cognitive activities.

  • Learn to think and reason by exploring their safe environment.
  • Experiment with concepts like cause and effect and trial and error.
  • Classify objects by shape, color, and other key factors.

Making New Friends

We support the confidence and self-esteem that forms the leads to a lifetime of healthy relationships.

  • Develop relationships by engaging in responsive interactions with attentive caregivers.
  • Participate in self-awareness developing experiences.
  • Look at photo page and care for dolls.

Growing Healthy Bodies

Physical well-being and motor development are key focus areas in our effort to bolster the development of your growing child.

  • Improve mobility by working on lifting their head and crawling.
  • Develop coordination by practicing standing and walking with caregiver support.
  • Handle blocks, shapes, and balls.

Nurturing Individual Creativity

We inspire your child to express his or herself through visual, musical, and dramatic arts.

  • Begin to express themself through actively listening to songs and poems.
  • Learn to move rythmically to music.
  • Explore artistic media like paint and crayons.

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