Affordable Pricing Plans

In today’s economy, we know that parents have to stretch every dollar, so the academy is not only exceptional—it’s also affordable.

Ask us about our before and after-school pricing!

Plan Hours Cost
Full Time (infants) 7:30-6:00 $130/week
Full Time (toddler +) 7:30-6:00 $120/week
3-4 Year Olds 1-5:30 everyday $82.50/week
3-4 Year Olds full time 3 days a week only $82.50/week
Summer (school age only) 7:30-5:30 $112.50/week
Drop-Ins (hourly rate) anytime except 11:30-2:30 $10/hour
Drop-Ins (daily rate) $30/day

The Treehouse Academy accepts Child Care Services (CCS) for payment.